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Your Everyday Rustic Bread Recipe

Whoever is gluten-free, leave the room now cause this no-knead bread recipe is for the glutton-ee! As a follow up from my last blog about the story of the baker, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and share my classic weekly loaf recipe with you all. I’ve been baking bread for […]

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Photos of Blaise and Myself This Weekend Upstate!

From left to right top row: Our friends farm house upstate New York, A sweet picture of Blaise and myself
Left to right bottom row: After a days work of farming we all sat down to eat dinner and relax, Blaise looking very forlorn on the swing

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The Baker and Her Sustainable Stomach

Dear Readers! Welcome to my new blog site! Thanks to my brother, Rocky Santaferraro, I have a beautiful cohesive blog that links from my main web page, Check it out, browse a little and listen to some tunes. My new record will be released on June 15th so keep checking back with the site for […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Have A Meltdown and How To Handle It

Mommy meltdowns. They happen, or so I hear. I thought I already had a handful of them, but little did I know… It’s the day before Mothers Day, yes three days after I posted my “Lets Celebrate Kids” blog. I feel like such a schmuck, preaching to all of you (and to myself) about how […]

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Let Him Live His Life: A Mothers Day Edition

I remember when I was a girl and like most other little children, I would ask “When is kids day?”. “EVERYDAY is kids day!”… Happy Mothers Day week! It’s funny, I think when you become a Mother, “Mothers Day” loses its charm and becomes a day that highlights the fact that you will probably never sleep past […]

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Local Foodie Accidentally Pickled Her Own Son?!

Did someone go so far as to accidentally brine or “pickle” their own kid right here in Brooklyn? I wouldn’t put it past someone. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past myself to do something like that. What with the exhaustion, trying to do too many things at once and cooking whilst caring for a youngster, […]

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