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I’m Digging This-Juliana Barwick


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“To be Christ like is not hard, just don’t do anything unless He tells you to. That can be hard, but that is where your peace and security is.  It is knowing that what you are doing is what God wants you to do.  If you don’t know it, don’t do anything.  Your spirit will […]

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I Cried When I Watched This…

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Make Me Yours

Make me yours Don’t wait for the timing to be right I have waited out the storm And I have made it through the night You are the sweetest man You are the sweetest man Man has taken me by force And I allowed them in my heart But now, that I’ve heard your sweet […]

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Bringing Back the Bread

My sister has a longtime fantasy that I will turn into a renown baker and change the world with my “Rosie the Riveter” attitude and bulging hot bread. I don’t see what she sees, but I’m going for it anyway. When I traveled through Europe in 2007 I was astonished by the amazing bread culture […]

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