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The Snow Waltz

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Working with the Leaven Part 3

Last step: Add in luke warm water and a fistful of flour (for me its two fistfuls, because I have tiny preschooler hands). The amount of water and flour does not need to be exact , just enough of both ingredients to get the right consistency which is thick and batter-like. The cool thing about […]

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Working With The Leaven Part 2

After I removed the stinky cheese crust I was told by Chad Robertson to throw away 80% of the formed starter, which made me sad, but I did what he told me to do.

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Bringing Back the Bread-Working with the Leaven Part 1

I have been experimenting with making my homemade leaven for about 2 weeks now. It is fun to see how the yeast reacts to certain weather conditions, especially the aridness of Colorado. I am taking my time in attempts to perfect my starter. I figure, if I have a consistent starter that I can count […]

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