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Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

“Wonderful (The Way I Feel)” It matters to me Took a long time to get here If it would have been easy I would not have cared Like a tropical forest Like a cop on the beat When all is in order You get lost in the heat I feel so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful the […]

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Jim James On World Cafe

Check out this interview with Jim James

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Peace On Earth

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Man On Fire

Here are the lyrics to a new song that I’m working on with my friend Pete Schmidt. He’s an amazing musician and asked me to collaborate with him on an album that he wrote (and is still writing) under the pseudonym “Tevatronic”. Listen below for the musical track sans vocals. Man On Fire Man on […]

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Every person has a purpose and a promise over their life. You are not too old, too young, or too used up to accomplish everything that God has placed in your heart to accomplish. Sometimes things can seem like they are taking a really long time, maybe you feel as though God has forgotten about […]

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