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If you need a laugh, read this.

30 Nights Out: Becoming Intimate with the Things That Make You Uncomfortable

The other day, I came across a great post by Leo Widrich of Buffer about ambition. He included a quote by a Buddhist monk that jumped out at me, “become intimate with the things that make you uncomfortable”. I didn’t have to ask myself what made me uncomfortable, I already knew. I’m 28 years old, a […]

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How To Write Goals That Actually Last

Do you ever feel like you’re being pressured into writing amazing, over-the-tops New Years resolutions by articles and the blogosphere? I do! If you do too, have no fear, this post is different. I found an awesome article by CD baby founder, Derek Sivers that I wanted to share just with you. It is a […]

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Are You Lying On A Nail?

“One of these mornings you gonna rise up singing. Yes, you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky, but until that morning, there’s nothing can harm you, when sweet daddy is near you, standing by.” -Louis Armstrong singing “Summertime” Sometimes it can be really easy to slip into discouragement. I have a large […]

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Christmas is in You, Just Like The Who’s

“There will be no gifts this year. No honey ham, roast beast or brussel sprouts. No plane tickets or gasoline to drive around and see lit up houses. No paying off God to make it snow. But through this tangle and jumble of thoughts and momentary anxieties I have come to realize that the true […]

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Sharing Is Sexy, Or Is It?

I spend most f my life these days at the playground. So, you can imagine that much of my time and attention goes towards the inner workings of the playground dynamics. In my sons age group, which is between  ages 2 and 3, most of the dynamics are about sharing. Sharing toys, snacks, strollers, chalk, […]

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It’s 2a.m. And Here I Am…

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s 2a.m. and I’m still awake. I’ve decided to pretend that I’m 19 years old again. Wohoo! I’ve been making coffee around 11:45pm every night (the strong kind, none of that weak stuff) and bunking down with the remains of my very ambitious “to do” list for the day like it […]

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The Baker and Her Sustainable Stomach

Dear Readers! Welcome to my new blog site! Thanks to my brother, Rocky Santaferraro, I have a beautiful cohesive blog that links from my main web page, Check it out, browse a little and listen to some tunes. My new record will be released on June 15th so keep checking back with the site for […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Have A Meltdown and How To Handle It

Mommy meltdowns. They happen, or so I hear. I thought I already had a handful of them, but little did I know… It’s the day before Mothers Day, yes three days after I posted my “Lets Celebrate Kids” blog. I feel like such a schmuck, preaching to all of you (and to myself) about how […]

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Local Foodie Accidentally Pickled Her Own Son?!

Did someone go so far as to accidentally brine or “pickle” their own kid right here in Brooklyn? I wouldn’t put it past someone. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past myself to do something like that. What with the exhaustion, trying to do too many things at once and cooking whilst caring for a youngster, […]

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