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Matters of the heart and the lust for love.

Make Me Yours

Make me yours Don’t wait for the timing to be right I have waited out the storm And I have made it through the night You are the sweetest man You are the sweetest man Man has taken me by force And I allowed them in my heart But now, that I’ve heard your sweet […]

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A Good Wife Is Hard To Find

      I am a simple woman, my life is plain If I never made music again To know you and bear our children, would suffice for my life Take them to school, come home and clean up And to love you in your work, my delight If it is His will, I will […]

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Heart of a Cowgirl

Unveil me like a dead man returning to life Light me like a wild fire and send me on outside Running like a wildman Running to the wilderness To simply reveal would be to steal away the seed of my lover Sow. He planted down in me Grow. He pulled me from his body Removing […]

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Phucket…Lets Be Together

Can we love God as much as He loves us? To some this may sound like blasphemy. It may sound as if we are trying to be God. But isn’t that the point? Didn’t Jesus say that he is in us and we are in him? That once we accept and embark on the journey […]

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Local Foodie Accidentally Pickled Her Own Son?!

Did someone go so far as to accidentally brine or “pickle” their own kid right here in Brooklyn? I wouldn’t put it past someone. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past myself to do something like that. What with the exhaustion, trying to do too many things at once and cooking whilst caring for a youngster, […]

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Was Billie Holiday Onto Something or Just ON Something?

We all know she was on drugs, obviously imbalanced and probably had “daddy issues”, but what if we took a page from Billie’s book?… I love baking to Billie Holiday’s music. I’ve just finished putting two hearty loaves of bread in the oven as she hums something in the background about “her man and how […]

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