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30 Nights Out: Becoming Intimate with the Things That Make You Uncomfortable

The other day, I came across a great post by Leo Widrich of Buffer about ambition. He included a quote by a Buddhist monk that jumped out at me, “become intimate with the things that make you uncomfortable”. I didn’t have to ask myself what made me uncomfortable, I already knew. I’m 28 years old, a […]

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How To Write Goals That Actually Last

Do you ever feel like you’re being pressured into writing amazing, over-the-tops New Years resolutions by articles and the blogosphere? I do! If you do too, have no fear, this post is different. I found an awesome article by CD baby founder, Derek Sivers that I wanted to share just with you. It is a […]

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Come Home

“There are two realities to which you must cling. First, God has promised that you will receive the love you have been searching for. And second, God is faithful to that promise.”-Henri J.M. Nouwen For the longest time, maybe forever, I thought that people were supposed to create a home or a place for me. […]

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Beauty In An Unexpected Place

I woke up a year ago in Big Sur, CA and found myself face to face with this black beauty. My sister and I had gone to the Monterey Music Festival the night before and wearily galumphed to her friends house in the wee hours of the night to crash. When we arrived all was […]

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Why Did The Bad Things Happen? Living With An Unoffended Heart

It can be really difficult to understand why certain things have happened in our lives and why other things that you thought would happen and have  invested time and effort into, end up never coming through, or falling apart. It can feel like God is cold, stern and uncaring or just aloof. It can feel […]

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Forever Expanding: A Bugs Life Part 2

“Thought means life, since those who do not think do not live in any high or real sense. Thinking makes the man.” -A.B. Alcott Have you ever found yourself starting out the day in a good mood, but by mid-morning you feel like you are waning? That was me today and yesterday…and maybe the day […]

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Forever Expanding: A Bugs Life Part 1

“In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth” -Charles Haanel Being the mother to an almost 3 year old boy means knowing some things about bugs. A few months ago when spring sprang up, so did the insects and so did my sons fascination for them. Blaises’ growing interest meant […]

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Are You Lying On A Nail?

“One of these mornings you gonna rise up singing. Yes, you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky, but until that morning, there’s nothing can harm you, when sweet daddy is near you, standing by.” -Louis Armstrong singing “Summertime” Sometimes it can be really easy to slip into discouragement. I have a large […]

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Rise Again

I have recently embarked on a journey to make sense of some of things that happened to me in my past, much like one who struggles to understand mass homicide or war. It makes no sense, but somehow we try to make sense out of it. I’ve been running over events and circumstances in my […]

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Peace On Earth

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