Forever Expanding: A Bugs Life Part 1

“In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth” -Charles Haanel

Being the mother to an almost 3 year old boy means knowing some things about bugs. A few months ago when spring sprang up, so did the insects and so did my sons fascination for them. Blaises’ growing interest meant my ever evolving research and time spent on really weird bug blogs. During my time on the really weird bug blogs I came across an intriguing piece of information. There is a certain type of insect that can grow wings and fly away to a better home if the plant it is living on starts to die. This imagery stuck with me for several months. I wondered, if a regular bug could transform itself into a flying bug after sensing that its habitat was dying, then are we not able to do something like that too?

Scientifically speaking, Nature is under the law of growth and so are we since we are a part of Nature. Recent studies have shown that our Universe is forever expanding¬†and that creation is expanding with it. So what does this mean? This means that like the bug, you and your surroundings are in a constant state of growth and transformation. If something is deteriorating in your life, for example your job, your health, your finances or a relationship that is dragging you down, there is no reason for it to stay that way. I’m not saying fly the coop, but I am asking you to take a deeper look at a situation that may seem hopeless. You have the right to a life of heath, wealth, love and harmony while you are on this beautiful Earth. And I say this to myself too because I really need to hear it. The point that I am trying to make is this: Instead of unconsciously allowing a continual pattern that is any less than ideal to be present in your life, take second look and question it.

Sometimes one door closes in order for another to be opened, but you must take the risk in admitting if something is not working for you. Stop right now and ask yourself “Is there something in my life that is bringing me pain, grief or frustration?” or “Is there a door closing in my life that I need to allow to be closed?” It may just be that what you thought was a curse is actually a blessing in disguise, pushing you to grow wings and to soar.

To Be Continued

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