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Peace On Earth

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Man On Fire

Here are the lyrics to a new song that I’m working on with my friend Pete Schmidt. He’s an amazing musician and asked me to collaborate with him on an album that he wrote (and is still writing) under the pseudonym “Tevatronic”. Listen below for the musical track sans vocals.

Man On Fire

Man on fire (x4)

Take me back when I remembered
The constant flame, the constant burn
Take me back when the world was on fire
I feel like we’ve loved a million times

Oh, I don’t want to fight you
So if you love me, take me by the hand
And come with me

Hope is in the choice
To be married to you
Come as one voice
I am able and true to you

Step into fire
Let it burn till it’s done
How beautiful! You’re a fire!
Man on fire

Take me back when I remembered
The man on fire
The man on fire

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Every person has a purpose and a promise over their life. You are not too old, too young, or too used up to accomplish everything that God has placed in your heart to accomplish. Sometimes things can seem like they are taking a really long time, maybe you feel as though God has forgotten about you and His promises to you. But God has not forgotten. He is on your case day in and day out. If something has not happened yet, it is most likely because it is not the right time for it to happen.

I love how God sped up the wine making process for Jesus when he turned water into wine. The wine making process takes about 5 years at the very least and it says in the bible that the wine Jesus provided was exceptional wine. My sister works at a winery in Napa and so I know enough about wine to know that the type of wine that they drank that night had to have taken about 15 to 20 years to make, including aging.

Sometimes we get discouraged about life because we feel that there is so much more that we could be doing or should be doing. I know, because I struggle with this. But I am learning to wait for Gods timing and to trust in Him. He will make your path straight and will bring to pass everything He has placed in your heart to do. The key is to try and not run out and do it on your own time table. Waiting for God means not doing very much until you see Him moving. Isaiah 60:22 says this, “I am the Lord; in its timing I will do this swiftly.”

In the right timing an opportunity will arise that will call for you to act and God will speed up a process that may have taken years for you to do on your own into just a matter of days, minutes or seconds. In His timing He will do it. Do not give up!

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Got Skillz

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Interview On The Heritage Radio Network

Hear an interview and live performance on The Heritage Radio Network in Brooklyn, NY

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Beautiful Photos by Kristen Pierson


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The Snow Waltz

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Working with the Leaven Part 3

Last step: Add in luke warm water and a fistful of flour (for me its two fistfuls, because I have tiny preschooler hands). The amount of water and flour does not need to be exact , just enough of both ingredients to get the right consistency which is thick and batter-like. The cool thing about this step is that you will mix it all together with your hand. The bacteria on your hands is what forms the unique flavor in the starter, so therefore, your bread will taste different than anyone else’s because of your own skin cells.

The fresh flour and water combined with the pungent starter forms a sweet and milky smell. Very interesting.



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Working With The Leaven Part 2

After I removed the stinky cheese crust I was told by Chad Robertson to throw away 80% of the formed starter, which made me sad, but I did what he told me to do.

Here it is with only 20% of itself left

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